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This page contains answers to common questions handled by our support staff, along with some tips and tricks that we have found useful.
bulletEngineered Stone is not porous!
bulletEngineered Stone is scratch & heat resistant.
bulletThere are many manufacturers but they are all the same technology, just different colors.
bulletEngineered Stone is more consistent in color and look than natural granite.
bulletMany  light and dark colors are available.
bulletMost of the quartz surfaces are polished but there are some honed finishes.
bulletEngineered is 93% Quartz taken from a quarry, just like granite, and added to 7% polymers.
bulletVery easy maintenance required and you can use your household cleansers!

 How to get a quote for your kitchen and/or bathroom

If you'd like a quote for your countertop just fax us your dimensions.  We need to know your lengths, widths, edge desired, installation city and state, where your walls are, what size backsplash you'd like, if desired, type of sink, type of stove, where all of your appliances are located, including your dishwasher, and any special requests you may have.  Please give us your name and phone number, in case we have any questions.  We install only in New England.  Mostly Massachusetts and New Hampshire!

We offer high quality sinks and faucets, along with everything for your bath & kitchen at   & .

Granite and Marble Tips

When choosing the color, consider a contrasting color to your cabinets, i.e.: 

light granite or marble with darker cabinets, dark granite or marble with light

cabinets.  Consider if you and your family like movement or more consistent

patterns., both will be available.   Take home samples to live with the color

for two or three days.  Colors vary with different light conditions!


If you decide on a color, make sure you see the exact slabs that you

will be receiving!  The color and movement can vary from slab to slab.  If

it's from the  same lot, you probably don't need to see each individual slab,

but definitely one slab from the lot you choose.  Ask to have a piece of the

slab to take home!  You can take a day or two to decide! This will also give

you a piece to match up with paint colors, wallpaper, cabinet knobs, etc.


Don't use marble in a kitchen!  It is fine for floors or bathrooms but not a

good choice for a busy kitchen counter!  Granite is much more durable! 

Marble is a softer stone and will be more susceptible to scratches.


If you are using Granite or Marble tile (available in 1/4" or 3/8") before

you  make your final purchase get a tile of the existing color lot as color can

tend to vary significantly from lot to lot.  Make sure to order extra, at least

10% extra, as you could break some, decide to add another item, or have

waste with cutting, edging, matching patterns, etc.  If the company runs out

of that lot, before you are finished with the job, it will be a big problem!   It

is always nice to have a few extra pieces, for a few years down the road, in

case you break one, or add to the room etc.


       The veining in marble is actually cracks in the stone.  You will see that

some marble has been filled at the quarry before it is even shipped to the

U.S.   It is still very beautiful, but something you should be aware of!  Most

marble has a lot of movement so each individual tile, can look completely

different, but because it's from the same lot, will blend and be beautiful.


       If you'd like to you can go through the tile and ask your installer not to

use certain pieces.   The tile installer can also lay out the pattern, with care,

before it is glued down, so that you can see what it will look like.  You can

buy one box, which contains ten pieces, if you need to get an idea of what it

will look like.


       Granite and marble can be used anywhere!  Natural stone is  especially

beautiful for counter tops, vanities, tub surrounds, showers, floors,  tables,

backsplashes,  and fireplaces!


       If you are considering a small vanity and want slabs only (available in

3/4" & 1 1/4") you will have to purchase the whole slab, unless your   fabricator

can  find you a remnant!  If you are purchasing the whole slab make use of it,

 by having them also make you a table, more than one vanity or a surround for

your fireplace!


       Because marble is sometimes very brittle when it is being worked on,

because of the veining, if you are doing a long vanity the backsplash might

have to be in more than one piece!  A good fabricator will do a nice job on

the seam!  Once  it is in place it will be beautiful for many years with minimal



       After installation of slabs or tile seal your granite or marble once or

twice a year, depending on use.  You can also seal more often where you

use a lot of water, or where there is a lot of grease from cooking.  It is a

simple process and as easy as furniture polish.  Use cleaner that is made for

granite or marble.


       You can use Granite as a cutting board but remember that it will dull

your knives!  It is very, very hard!  Put felt under the granite cutting board,

as granite can scratch granite.  Replace the felt when it starts to wear out!

 If you like more consistency, don't like to seal your counters, or are

looking for  lighter colors, consider engineered stone.  The stone comes

from a quarry but is more consistent in color and not porous!


       We recommend Miracle Sealants  and sell them in our showroom for all of the granite, marble, and limestone tile we sell!  Only use Miraclean or Miracle Disinfectant to clean your counters.  Use your 511 Impregnator sealer twice a year.  Miraclean, Miracle Disinfectant and 511 Impregnator can also be used to clean and protect ceramic tile, porcelain tile and grout.




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